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Fifteen years ago or so, back yard barbecue was one of the favorite times for our family and friends to get together. Whether it was steaks, ribs, or burgers, we were always looking for that ultimate sweet and spicy combination of ingredients for the sauce. My goal was to mix the sauce that would glaze to the meat and that everyone would enjoy. I experimented with different bases and different add-ins and started noticing that certain combinations would work very well together. Another thing I started to notice was that some of the combinations seemed to work better on certain meats and by adjusting the amounts of other ingredients, would work well on other meats.

I still remember the first time I heard it, “Oh My Gosh” that sauce is excellent. And then I heard it again, and again. Every time I was called upon to provide the sauce for a barbecue, the results were the same. Everyone loved it and the exclamation was the same. OMG was born…

My family and friends would tell me time and time again that I should start making and selling the sauce professionally. I always thought that would be fun but did not take the steps. After several years of listening to everyone who tried my sauces tell me to go commercial, I decided to go for it. I took a few classes at the local college to make sure I knew the safety aspects of making sauce and then found a local bottler to help me out. Now the OMG lineup consists of six flavors made from only the best ingredients. Nothing but the best for family, friends, and customers.

Give us a try and then give us your feedback.



Habenero Honey Mustard
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Habenero Honey Mustard
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